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Friday, May 1, 2009

Lonely, lonely

As the crow flies, I am only 8 kilometers from Bokbaai. Not by road though! All the soil around here is pure loose damp sand, thus the road becomes a challenge of driving on both left wheels, then sort of jump over the ridge and drive on both right wheels, all at high speed. Did I mention the rain?

When the road comes to an end you start walking over a small hill before getting the first glimpse of the house, over 300 years old and vacant. I hope I can express in my painting the total forlorn-ness of this first impression of a once majestic homestead. It lies a few meters above a little bay, which on this particular day was as grey as the sky, as grey as the open sea, as grey as the mountain and the crushed mussel shells with which the yard is paved. The three enormous almost black Norfolk pines standing sentinel, could not be placed better to strenghen the feeling of desolation.
This is only the small side of a very long house and my next painting will show more and relate some of the history connected to the house.


  1. Oh, Marie!!!! This is so beautiful - now you have reached the centre of my being...

    Once again you bring the West Coast into my home and heart.

    The atmosphere reaches out from the painting, it is charged with so many emotions that simply cannot be put into words.

    Have had everyone around to come and look - the consensus is: magical, amazing, beautiful, an absolute MUST HAVE.

    Well done - I am so proud of your work. Sitting in your shadow, I admire and appreciate your art so much.

    Thank you for sharing -

  2. Marie dis almal sooo mooi, hierdie klomp nuwe werke van jou, dis so 'n pragtige talent, ek sien altyd uit na nuwe werke op jou blog. Soos die boonste aanmerking se hule is almal "must haves!" Eendag sal Lelieblom spog met 'n Marie Theron tuun die muur... of dalk 'n paar...


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