Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sugar and Spice, (little girls) painted by South African Impressionist Artist Marie Theron

I had fun doing eight little child paintings, where I tried to capture them in some gentle activity. Of, course, I have stored images over the years, and these darlings are based on photos of my grandchildren when they were young and sometimes the child of a friend. My subjects never pose for my and I like to capture them when they are unaware.

I first painted the canvasses bright blue. This blue colour had an influence on all the colours I used, softening the colours and contributing to the delicate nature of my subject. Due to a much smaller gallery space, I paint in acrylics, which I love. I will show more of my kids next time.

'Every Drop Helps"
100mm x 100mm
6' x 6'
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'Girl with a Cat" 2
100mm x 100mm
6' x 6'
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"Dreaming by the Stream"
100mm x 100mm
6' x 6'


  1. Wow -what a great set! Now that I have 2 little ones, maybe it has given me the ability to appreciate these in a deeper way -so, so cute! And the love of a grandmother that infuses these labours of love. :-)


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