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Monday, April 7, 2014

Porcelain Rabbits

There are lots of porcelain rabbits in the decor shops, and they seem to go with the renewed interest in French country-style decorating. My friend, Melissa, gave me a tiny white porcelain rabbit and I immediately saw the possibilities of this very plain form. It is as if a featureless rabbit is no longer the slave of "scale" and can easily appear gigantic when painted. Melissa also sent me the photo of the rows of porcelain rabbits, and we both thought that they looked scary. I suppose I can turn the idea into something threatening. Maybe it will be possible to move away from the "cute" label.

Three Giant Glass rabbits , 10" x 10" oil on wrapped canvas.

A tiny porcelain rabbit is the model for my 3 giants.
 I used a purple colour to work out the forms and volumes.


  1. I really like these, think they are mysterious and open to interpretation - scale and monumentality definitely a tool to explore!

    1. Thank you, Cathy, your comments are very valuable to me. It is as if I want to break through to something, but need someone to give me a push!

  2. I like the three rabbit painting and how you set them up with purple at the start, Marie! A great composition.
    Those rabbits in the bottom photo DO have evil looking eyes!

    1. Thank you, Dean! Yes they seem to have evil little smirks and one wonders whether they sell a lot of those!

    2. My answer got lost, but here goes: Thank you Dean. I wondered about those hard little grins in the bottom photo! Do these porcelain rabbits really sell? Then again, if I start collecting rabbit ornaments, I would want one of those too!

  3. The shop rabbits certainly have a Don't Mess with Me expression. We have ways and means ...

    The pink lilies?
    March lily is Amaryllis belladona
    Malgas lily is Ammocharis longifolia
    Same family, with daffodils etc.


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