Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nuweland - Barrels, Baskets and Bottles

Oil on Canvas
(457 x 356mm)

Farm stalls are popular out in the country, and here on the West Coast, such stalls are found along the R27 coastal road . My nearest farm stall is 11 km away and such a treat! Here we can buy fresh home-made bread warm from the oven. On the shelves there are many wonderful preserves, like my personal favourite: green fig preserve, and would you believe, you can also buy farm butter here!

The owner of Vygevallei Farm Stall and Wine Cellar is wine-maker Juan Louw. After experiencing wine-making everywhere in the country and even as far as California and New Zealand, Juan decided that their farm, Nuweland in the Swartland district between Malmesbury and Darling would be ideal for a cellar. Also that Route R27 would be a good position for a wine /farm stall!

It was here that I saw my next painting subject, the beautiful barrels, baskets and bottles, while the family tasted and fell in love with Juan's wines! I love it when the sharp West Coast light casts contrasts of light and shadow inside buildings, as you can see in the forms which I melted together and allowed some detail to dissolve into the background.

Read more on Nuweland Winery and its owner HERE

If your language is Afrikaans, you will be proud to learn that the labels of these wonderful Nuweland Wines are written in Afrikaans! ( Lees die volle artikel in DIE BURGER )

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  1. Thank you Marie for the comments, hope we can all rest in this bust season.

  2. I thought it was a photograph, absolutely gorgeous job, the details are stunning!

  3. Love the 3 "B" title, Marie! ;)
    Great edges in this fine painting!
    Yep...we both did a wine painting this week. Which proves one again...great minds DO think alike! Lol!

  4. Thank you Thea, the busy times are ahead, but I hope to find some time to paint too!

    Padmaja, how very kind of you, Thank you very much!

    Thank you Dean,the title sounds journalistic to me, but I couldn't resist! Soft edging has captured me, I hope to lose some detail this way in future!

  5. Wow Marie , this is fabulous. One of my favorites. Nice work.

  6. Really well done, Marie!! A difficult subject but very well done!!!

  7. wow...what a painting! Talk about complex! You really pulled it off!

  8. This is such a beautiful painting, Marie! I love the rustic look too. This would look fabulous warming the walls of the winery itself! Awesome job! And you had your family visiting? Hope it was your daughter in the U. S. that was able to get back home to spend time with you!

  9. Thank you Barbara, Marian and means a lot tome that you have appreciation for this painting! I feel that I am going somewhere new with my art.

    Sherry, thank you, the "suggested" sale would be nice. I am going to advertise it on my web pages soon. The family visiting the wine shop were my husband and my daughter and son-in-law who lives close-by. Incidentally she is the twin of my Texas daughter!

  10. Absolutely wonderful painting Marie. It is such a complex subject.....and you nailed it! Congratulations.

  11. WOW! You did an amazing job on this painting, Marie. so many wonderful details..the barrels are perfectly painted. Definitely, a favorite!!

  12. Great work on the barrels Marie and I just love the treatment you've given the baskets! Beautiful! Aren't farm stalls just the best?!

  13. Love your work Marie! And I am following you too!

  14. Thank you Carol, I must admit that I painted such barrels often in the past!

    Thank you Hilda, such nice words!

    Yes Maree, I agree, Farm Stalls are so quaint and nice. I will easily protest when they modernise them!

    How kind, Nancy! Welcome to my blog!

  15. So good to be back and have another one of your beautiful posts! We have been gone for a month in Hawaii, and it is good to get back to my regular routine. Just love hearing about the farm stands, and the painting is super! I too, am drawn to farm stands so love to hear about the ones in your area. Thanks

  16. see

    Happy Christmas


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