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Friday, May 6, 2011

Khwa Ttu # 5:Art is in their DNA!

The oldest artworks in Africa are those made by the San and found in caves. I suspect that they painted on rocks in the open air as well, but the natural materials they used did not last outside. But, as it goes with excellent genes, the artistic talent of the San people is in full flourish today! Yay for all the wonderful enduring paints they now have access to!

As this is a blog where I have to paint (I have to, seriously!), I painted this passage which is the start of the hiking trail, the indigenous plant garden and the tour of the farm. How cleverly the builders have once again made use of the idea of "anticipation", leading us towards the outside areas through this story-corridor! I liked the hollow window where we could gaze to the sea in the distance....that is my beloved next-door neighbour, the ocean, just visible from !Khwa Ttu.

Now look at these wonderful wall paintings done by current San residents of !Khwa Ttu! They have such interesting schema (formulas) for doing trees. They are not daunted by branches and show the best side, like the Egyptians did. Can you see that picture where "dreams" in the form of multi-coloured dots find their way back to a large tree, symbol of the artist's "birthplace"?Don't we all treasure our past and our childhood? These walls gave San artists the means of expanding their love of story-telling and personal history.

If you are interested in more San paintings, please visit fellow blogger Roger Brown who has also been to a San Centre, the one in Botswana. He gives a link where more art can be seen. I am not going to say " to be continued" today. The Cape is suddenly cold and stormy with winter upon us. So, I will do a "second season" later, as they say on TV!


  1. Marie this is very interesting. I feel like I'm in a wonderful history class! Thanks for the explanations. I wouldn't decipher nearly as much on my own.

  2. Thanks for making me aware of what I never even imagined, Marie! Absolutely fascinating and well told!
    I love their style of imagery!

  3. I really love your stories about the San. I agree with Susan... so nice to learn about other people an places!!

  4. Interesting information and lovely sketches Marie! I also have a thing for San art, it's wonderful to see the historic thread running through it. And what a wonderful artist Roger Brown is! I decided to follow his blog so that I can take some time to have a look at his gorgeous work, thanks for the link!

  5. I like coastal wall art very much.Wall art is a decorative element on the wall that will add value from a two-dimensional objects or three-dimensional objects.:)

  6. Every photo is a delight in color and your own does indeed provide a gorgeous pathway entrance. I could probably stand at that little window all day!

  7. Thank you, Carol.

    Thank you Susan, I hope when the weather is better again to meet with some of those artists for in-depth explanations!

    Thank you, Dean. These people are indeed unspoiled by academic methods. I agree, on visiting this place you will find things very different.

    Marion, after reading what I have been writing for over two years, I am delighted that you still find it interesting. A heart-warming compliment!

    Maree, I should have known that you would take interest in such a serious wild-life artist. I hope you can share your own enthusiasm with Roger. And it is nice to know that you also "follow" the art of the San!

    Coastal Wall Art, you have a good point, I will investigate your blog!

    Thank you, Sherry, how happy it would make me to stand at that opening and show you everything from up there!

  8. Loved their art style, very unique, they do tell stories!

  9. My gosh Marie, you just bring these to life through your walk. Wonderful paintings and, as you say, hooray for modern materials.

  10. Very nice I like very much your work.

    Teuvo Finland

  11. Thank you, padmaja, they do know their lines and forms!

    Thank you for the kind comments, Liz!
    Teuvo, welcome here as a visitor! Your photos are very beautiful!

  12. What fun happy paintings. Thanks again for sharing Marie, have a wonderful day.

  13. Ek het ongeveer 1997 saam met Boesmankunstenaars van die Vrystaat 'n exhib in Bloemfontein gehou. Ek dink hulle was van Smitsdrift of so plek. Ek was absoluut gaande oor hul werk.

  14. Dit is fantasties, dit klink half bekend, jy was seker in die tydskrifte?

    Thank you, Barbara, yes their personalities shine out of these works!


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