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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Post # 100!! Art Blogging is Tops!

This is my hundredth post. I have not completed a painting as I am working on a commission and the sketches took some planning. One of them will be finished for the next blog. They are all about the people of the West Coast and what they do. I think I will call the set: Folks and Fish

I love art blogging! Art blogging is Tops! In no other way would one be so committed to paint year in, year out and that without a sense of rushing. (One or two exhibitions a year make up for the rushing part!) My nicest surprises as a new art blogger were when I featured on other art or travel blogs.

  1. South African Blog of 2009 winner PORTFOLIO gave me a short feature in November: Marie Theron-Documenting the Real West Coast in Paint and Words .
  2. This was followed by another article on PORTFOLIO in December: 10 Questions for West Coast Artist Marie Theron .
  3. Marie Theron-West Coast Artist appeared on Bokkom.
  4. In the beginning of 2010 Katherine Tyrrell started 'The Art of The Landscape' and bloggers were challenged to analyse their own paintings. I liked the idea and wrote: The Wheatfield and Why it was Successful. Katherine, a top 5 blogger in the UK placed me in an article: Self-Critique Marie Theron.
  5. What a lovely surprise it was when 'Art with Liz' made special mention of my work on the West Coast in her post Bergriver, Velddrif.
  6. Friendly Liz visited me at home in April where we shared sherry and a fire and chatted up a storm. Afterwards she wrote: Velddrif in April. I featured in many of the comments from her friends too! Bloggers are so kind!
  7. Paying my regular online visit to "Postcards from the Hammer", Catherine Jeffrey's blog, I was very thrilled to find my name in the post Yonge Street Patterns 2, Toronto, Ontario., where Catherine expressed appreciation for my critiques of her work.
My husband once teased me that bloggers give each other a warm feeling! Exactly!


  1. Wow! What an honor to be featured on so many sites, Marie! And, may I mention, very well deserved,

    The art blogging group feels like family to me.

  2. Congratulations on all the above. Your art is truly exceptional. I am so happy for you. I thought you had posted floral paintings using watercolor pencils, I must be mistaken. As for you landscapes and all that I have seen on your blog is nothing short of brilliant. All the best to you Marie.


  3. Great line drawings. Blogging is great. I am now trying to do a small painting everyday.

  4. Thank you, Dean. You are also on many sites!!! I love that last rooster you painted! Yes, bloggers do feel like family. My greatest moments are real visits by previous internet friends!

    Thank you, Joan. You are right, I did some work in watercolor pencils, but they do not fit in with the blog theme. People can see them at:!/album.php?aid=181113&id=587959272&ref=mf

    Thank you, Karen. Well done on deciding to do a daily painting, I am far too slow for that and only finish one in 3-5 days.

  5. I'm so glad to have found your blog, Marie. I love the look of these pieces you've done so far. Such a beautiful set that speaks of your region and tradition, the beautiful sea and life in general. I hope they are going as a set?

  6. Congratulations on posting 100 unique and beautifully illustrated chronicles. Recognition by other artists is much deserved! I think I first found your blog through Liz Pearson, not that long ago, but I feel we've been painting friends for ages.

  7. Sherry and Charlene, thank you for the very kind words! Sherry, yes, the commission is for a set of four.Charlene, I feel the same!

  8. And Keep it going,Marie, you are one of my favorites.... I travel with you to a place I probably will never see in person, unfortunately.
    Blogging has certainly broadened my circle of friends and colleagues. And helped me grow as an artist and person. Our world is better for it, don't you think?

  9. Congratulations Mary, a well-deserved recognition of your work and love from friends. It's beautiful.

  10. Cathyann, you are so right, one has hardly any time to socialize in real life the way that it is possible here in blogdom. I can sit here in my paint-spattered clothes! Our world is better for sure!

    JB, what do I call you, is it Johanna? Thank you for your kind comments!

  11. Marie,
    I absolutely love your great line drawings! I can't wait to see the commissioned pieces.
    Congratulations on your 100th post!!! I love blogging too. You have had a fabulous year!!

  12. Wow, 100 posts! And you are right when you say that blogging keeps us motivated. Often we work alone and don't have the regular feedback, and blogging fills that void. I like to think that in the old days, artists would gather in coffee shops and pubs to discuss their work at the end of the day. Although this sounds like more fun, we get to do it at home. Also, your blog is so interesting it is no wonder that so many sites chose to feature your work.
    Now...on with the next 100! Looking forward to seeing the series "Folks and Fish"

  13. Marie you are such a brilliant painter your work speaks for itself! I never thought of it like that before, but blogging is a place where we support and lift each other up.
    warm hugs from across the pond!

  14. Thank you, Linda!Let's do it!

    Catherine, it certainly cannot take the place of those wonderful Parisian Cafe society get-togethers, but you are right, what we do is just the same, we discuss and view art and as I get older these moments become more precious!

    Thank you, Nancy. You are one of my role models with your happy optimistic blogging and stream of lovely works. I agree with your last remark because we all need boosting at times!

  15. Marie, congratulations on your 100th post - your blog is a breath of fresh sea air and glows with real South African hospitality. I agree, blogging is the best thing to happen to artists, who are by necessity pretty isolated - it's a great community to be in.

  16. Thank you Cathy, you are not so far, so maybe you can visit here one day! It is a surprise that there are so few South African art blogs, we are just a handful!

  17. And I love learning about you and your country through your blog.

    Good luck on the commission!!

  18. Congratulations, Marie! And congratulations for hosting the World Cup, as well!

    I love seeing the drawings you've made... can't wait to see what they are going to turn into - beautiful paintings, I can just imagine!

  19. Hi Marie, congratulations on all the accomplishments with your art! This series are sketches are so wonderfully captured, you can make a chain of paintings, I am sure each one will be a pleasure to look at..there is so much of action and life in each one of them!

    Thank you for liking my Mumbai Dreams:-)

  20. Thank you, Marian, it is lovely when someone loves my country!

    Theresa, yes World Cup fever is here! We hope our country will benefit from all the tourists.

    Thank you, padmaja, I loved your city painting. My sketches are always done so roughly. It helps me not to detail to much hen I start painting. I will post the first completed painting later today!

  21. Warm feelings indeed!
    I heartily agree with you that this is one of the most exciting and fulfilling journeys an artist can take. The blog is alive like nothing else can be.
    These sketches are lively and beautiful. I think of you as the World Cup is covered on TV. Hope you're having a ball and getting ideas for your paintings.

  22. Dear Mary, I think we would like the World Cup event better if some paintings could be sold...just joking! On this bitter cold winter's day, I carried a small easel and all the paints into our TV room were there is a big fire. The soccer noise forms the background!

  23. these are great sketches. i can't wait to see the paintings!


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