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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

White on white in Paternoster

Today, I show the new developments in Paternoster. There had been unfortunate design happenings along the West Coast, as in Yzerfontein and Langebaan where far too many different architectural styles vie with each other for attention. Here in beautiful Paternoster every new building shows it's respect to the Cape vernacular style.

Look at those vertical windows, the dark gray corrugated iron roofs, the railway sleeper lintels over wooden window frames and the one and only colour adopted from past dwellings: white! And as a feature: the large white chimneys, practical and pretty!

Paternoster is still very much a fishing village and one can see a hundred boats drying out on the wide white beach at any specific moment, but it has also become the place where tourists can relax in luxury in unique boutique hotels and cooling restaurants. Have a peek at Paternoster here!

Paint wise, yes, I am back where I was before with my finer brush. To me, the choice of which detail to skip over was too hurtful, so here we have the full illustrated image!


  1. You bring Paternoster alive for us. I'm sorry I never visited while living in SA. Glad to see developers becoming more sensitive to the surroundings. I always look forward to seeing your paintings of the west coast. They are so unique.

  2. Once again Marie, your blog informs as well as treat us to such wonderful paintings. All the best to you.

  3. I love learning about your country...

    One of my favorite paintings is a kind of white on white painting...
    John Singer Sargent's "Amber Gris".... Do you know it??

  4. Its great to see an area that cares about its architecture and appropriate development. I get so frustrated here in Hamilton when so many wonderful buildings are torn down, replaced by unfortunate, unfriendly, styles. This looks like a wonderful town, overlooking the white sand and blue beach. I think the detail brush works well here.

  5. This is a beautiful landscape...serene. I like the composition which leads into deeper and deeper space. The blue green of the ocean is very captivating set against the white beach sand and white architecture!

  6. Thank you Jean, I hope you get a chance to travel here again and see Paternoster and of course pop in to see me too!

    Thank you, Joan!

    Marian, thank you,I will search for 'Amber Gris' on the Internet.I can well remember other white on white paintings like Henri Rousseau's 'Carnival Evening' with a snowy/cloudy landscape and a white clown. To be able to paint like a fairy tale!

    Catherine, we do live in a throw-away society! Thank you for your comments, there is nothing like this coast at low tide!

    Thank you Linda, the nice thing about Paternoster is that it is still so open and one is always more aware of Nature than anything else.

  7. This is so very beautiful, Marie. I find myself wishing I could live in one of those new Paternoster homes by the sea. The color of your sea is mesmerizing and so very soothing. Imagine going to sleep at night listening to the crashing waves...sigh...

  8. I love your detail, Marie. The older I get, the more I realize that painting is about pleasing me. When I am happy with a painting, all is well!

  9. Hi Marie, Paternoster looks beautiful! It's so wonderful when the vernacular architecture is preserved and respected. I wish more towns would try to preserve their heritage. Here on Long Beach Island the vernacular architecture has nearly been obliterated and replaced by homes that do not relate well to the island. This summer I'm going to try to paint what is left of the old Long Beach Island....

  10. Sherry, yes I am sure that is a stress free life. Some authors keep places there where they can complete their books in peace!

    I agree, Carol, but then oneself is the most difficult to please!

    Hi Lori, even here in Paternoster one can ask: but where are the original West Coast homes? I hope that I can find a few old ones in whatever condition, to paint for my blog. You are right in trying to preserve some buildings in paint!

  11. Sounds like a charming place to visit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the architectural design development of the community. I love the clear blues and the light sandy colors in your painting. :)

  12. Thank you, Kathleen! There are more on this town in some of the posts after this one.


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