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Monday, February 15, 2010

Seven Books about the West Coast

Here are some books that will give you more info, photos and history of the West Coast.

1. West Coast, Cederberg to the Sea by Karina du Plessis and Vanessa Cowling. This is a coffee table book that takes a long loving look at the West Coast, its scenery, people and food.
2. West Coast Cookbook edited by Ina Paarman. Learn about the food traditions and the appreciation of the sea in the lives of the West Coast people.
3. A West Coast Odyssey. This is a fairly recent book already considered as Africana (valuable books dealing with the history of the African continent).
4. Islands by Dan Sleigh. A very thick small-print historic novel giving the background of the various posts for provisions and the relations between the colonists and the San. There are many historic events featuring the West Coast and I am personally upset that the book has no index in the back as there are many bits one would like to research.
5. Wildflower Guide#7 West Coast by The Botanical Society of South Africa: . Endlessly helpful field guide, the book the people living here cannot go without!
6. The Cape Herders, A History of the Khoikoi in South Africa. I found it recently in an Africana section of a bookstore and will be studying it soon.
7. Sasol Proteas, A Field Guide to the Proteas of Southern Africa by Tony Rebelo. I was fortunate in participating in one of Tony Rebelo's field courses.

Here is my list of 12 constant and positive art bloggers who inspire and give joy to others: Internet readers can click, book readers can Google them!

1. Nancy Medina: The most joyous painter on the Internet! Nancy paints and blogs up a storm. Her pug family gives the blog a very precious and personal added interest!
2. Linda Blondheim: Here is an established, much respected and serious artist who still makes time to inspire and share useful hints as well as dole out honest criticism if need be! I would not like to miss one of her informative articles!
3. Kelley McDonald: A fun and original artist who has always something going. She looks at everyday objects and will paint comfort food, party shoes and nostalgic objects with great vigour!
4. Catherine Jeffrey: An accomplished artist who can tackle difficult subjects and all the images that I shy away from: vehicles, electric lamp light, streets wet with water. ....I keenly follow her posts.
5. Angela Shogrun: We all know the rules of watercolour: more than three layers of paint equals "mud". That is before you have watched Angela producing layer upon layer and of pure transparent glittering colour!
6. Maree Clarkson: It may be "slight of hand" but Maree has more hours in the day than normal people. She paints and blogs daily, making us familiar with the Magaliesberg region, with birds and plants all splendidly researched, besides running other blogs and groups!
7. Gwen Bell: The smile and the subjects does it, Gwen's cheerful style shines through!
I always appreciate the fact that Gwen sends a personal message by e-mail to thank me for a comment.
8. Carol Schiff: Delicious creamy textures which everyone comments about! Carol can make brushwork look flowing and effortless! OK, Carol, you are excused!! Carol has already received this award more than once. I must agree that passing it on IS a lot of work!
9. Manon Doyle: How does Manon get 50 comments at a time? Wouldn't we all love to know! Her colourful Expressionism and strong line and colourwork gives joy and has many followers always looking forward to more! Those faces are unforgettable!
10. Liz Pearson: A fellow Capetonian although we have never met. Liz has always a surprize on her blog and paints Table Mountain, portraits and pet portraits will equal ease.
11. Kathi Peters: I found Kathi on Facebook and may have followed her even before I had my own blog. Here you can truly relish daily life on a Maine farm, surrounded by horses, and of course, paintings of horses!
12. Kathy Karas: A decorative artist who paints what only can be termed "very valuable heirlooms". Go there and enjoy her heavenly adorable bears lovingly painted onto old furniture!


  1. Thank you Marie, for your very kind words about my painting, and for excusing me from passing on the award. I did check out the artist's blogs that I was not familiar with and was happy I did as I saw some excellent artwork and some new blogs to follow.

  2. Yay! I found myself here!! Thanks for the very kind award Marie!! I'm speechless! You deserve it, my friend!!
    Thank you so much!

  3. Congratulations on your much deserved award and how kind of you to pass it on to me.

  4. Thank you, Marie - I found myself, too! You are too kind. I love your blog and hearing about your adventures so far away from me. Wouldn't you love to get together in person? Maybe someday...

  5. Hi Marie, congratulations on receiving the Sunshine award - your work definitely deserves it! and thank you so much for passing it on to me - I'm sure I won't have any trouble finding 12 creative people to pass it onto and if you hadn't already been nominated, you would have been one of them!


  6. Hi Marie,
    You know I am fan of your work. I am sorry that I have bestowed on you yet another Sunshine award. I didn't know that you had one. Don't worry if you can't accept it, I understand.

  7. Thanks so much for the award and for your nice compliments on my work!

    I can't wait to check out the artists that you have listed here and I'll have to get to work on my own!

  8. I have accepted another Sunshine Award from Joan Sicignano! In good time I will add another list of deserving folks. I had e-mail where many friends repeated Angela's words about checking out the others. I am glad this has worked for networking like it is supposed to do!

  9. Oh ah..mmmmmmmm. Did anybody find the list of books helpful?


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